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    Im new and i put this in one of my posts but i didnt become a jeep guy till last week when i bought my first TJ (2000 model). ive had several YJs and a CJ but really thought they were junk in the trails. I ve had several classic 4x4s FJ with 40s, Scout with 35s and lockers, Broncos, blazers, etc.. Always had to pull my jeep buddies out! But this TJ is ridiculous. 30X9.50 tires and sway bar disconnects and it will go all the same places ive been before, except for maybe the scout. it was a monster. I cant wait to get a lift on this thing!

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    Welcome to Jeepz.

    Post some photos of your Jeep when you get a chance.

    (BTW - I moved your post to it's own thread)
    My 2005 Wrangler Build Thread

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    Welcome to Jeepz..
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    Glad you've seen the light and...........welcome to the "Z"!!!
    Just Enjoy Every Possibility!

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