1. My first Jeep.....a 'cream puff'......

    Hello all.

    Just purchased my first Jeep, a 1990 Cherokee Patriot with 32,000 original miles from the original owner who just turned 96 (and just stopped driving a few months ago!). She is a wonderful lady up by Albany, New York. Needless to say I am blowing the cob webs out right now and it is in the shop to have the infamous DW diagnosed. It is in great condition with a like new interior and an incredibly solid body considering it's been in Albany for 21 years (always garaged). Anyway, I'm wondering what a 'typical' (if there is such a thing) DW fix costs, and what other issues specific to this Jeep should I watch for?

    Look forward to joining the conversation(s)!


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    Sweet mileage. I just bought an 01 TJ with 39K from my wife's grandmother. It was originally her grandfather's who passed away last year. He didn't drive it much the last couple years. The oil change sticker was for for November. Of 2009!

    Happy Trails


    01 TJ

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    Re: My first Jeep.....a 'cream puff'......

    Welcome to Jeepz. Post your questions to the Cherokee section so that everyone would see and respond accordingly.
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