Hey , This may be an unusual request but a friend of mine gave me the suggestion to reach out to some crawlers.
So here's the scoop. My Mom bought a mountain (or a large part of one) in SE Oklahoma. Near Clayton, OK. It is like 175 acres of untamed rocky terrain that would be a mountain of fun for some good crawlers!
Here's the deal, My mom passed away and the guy that she was buying it from is not adhering to his end of the deal and is not only trying to foreclose, but wants it to go to auction and then come after the rest of my mom's stuff as well. So we are going to sell the mountain for about 60 cents on the dollar to pay him off.
I was wondering if the readers here might be interested or if you would maybe spread the word to anyone you might know. Land up there typically goes for $1700 - $2400 per/acre depending on the type of land and location. We are only asking $1000 per/acre which would just pay him off and leave the rest of her stuff alone. Please tell me your thoughts on this.

You may send me an email or call for more info or to ask any questions. Thanks for reading and Happy Trails to All !

I have some pictures and more are on the way, but it is a mountain. You know what the mountains are like in Clayton!

Jeff Roberson
817 - 723 - 7870

feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested or might know someone who would be!

Thank you for helping out if you can!