1997 2.5 Litre Jeep Wrangler TJ idles fine for 5 minutes, dies and wont restart


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Thanks for any guidance,

I have driven this jeep without any issue for several months, been very solid and dependable. I shut it off a month or so ago and did not restart until a few days back. I went to start and it would crank but no start, at first I thought it might be dirty fuel so I put a container of heat in the tank and let it sit over night, next day it started and idled for about 5 minutes then it shut down and would not restart until it sat for several hours.

This has been the ongoing process, starts fine, runs for almost 5 minute exactly then shuts down again, almost on Q at 5 minutes. I kept hoping that the fuel had some moisture in it as we have had lots of rain but it never will run more than 5 minutes at a time.

I cleaned the carb with Gumout and put some Gumout fuel cleaner in but still same issue continues. I have noticed the exhaust seems to be pretty strong as gar as a fuel smell but could have been doing it all along, just never paid that much attention.

It has 3/4 tank of gas, thought about adding more premium grade fuel and changing plugs and distributor cap, wires and to see if that helps.

I have not attempted to take it down the road as I dont want to pay a tow bill, figured if it stayed running at idle I would proceed with road test.

Again thanks for any help.


check your fuel pressure the whole time it runs. make sure the pump is not cutting out. also, check to make sure the exhaust is pushing enough as it gets closer to the 5 minute mark. would be a bummer to have the exhaust slowly clogging and that ends up being the last thing checked.

i feel like its the pump though
Check both the temp sending unit and O2 sensors.
The PCM runs open loop until sensors hit a level or time interval.

Always start with verifying battery contacts and ground connections. Bad voltage/contact can cause many rabbit trails to follow that are not real.

Also check the TPS connection.

Does it continue to run if you hold your foot on the gas? Say 1200-2000 rpm?

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I did try to hold gas peddle at 2 rpm but it still cuts out, I will try your suggestions will tackle this over the next couple of days, I will keep you apprised on any success.

Check if it isn’t at the same engine temp.
Any check engine light?

What RPM do you idle at?

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It idles at 900 rpm, I ran it again today and it repeated the process, runs smooth and out of no where at 5-6 minute mark misses then dead, it will restart the first try then dies...after the 2nd restart it has to sit for some time before it will fire up again.

How much is a fuel pressure tester, why can I pick one up?
Temperature gauge stay's consistent ~

Oh I meant is the engine running well until a specific temp. Like above 165 it fails.

What RPM do you idle at?

You could borrow a pressure gage from O’Reilly’s auto or advanced. Cheap ones at harbor freight.

Send you a vid in IM

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