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    Jeepie wont start

    I was driving one day to oic the wife up at work when jeepie decided to act up ......she started to spit and spudder than she backfired amd shut off all happend within 50 yards....so i tried to fire her back up and she said f*** you not today....so i bought parts.....lol i know what a idiot.....parts list....crankshaft position sensor camshaft position sensor distrubator cap and rotor plugs and wires and a ignition coil o plus a fuel pump and filter and she still wont start also my scanner told me this today pics below
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Jeepie wont start-20200425_134251.jpg  

    Jeepie wont start-20200425_134307.jpg  

    Jeepie wont start-20200425_134317.jpg  

    Jeepie wont start-20200425_154917.jpg  

    Jeepie wont start-20200425_155013.jpg  

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    Re: Jeepie wont start

    Pics didnt load.
    Start with battery load test, clean connections at battery snd at ground points. Engine and chassis.
    Validate fuel pressure
    Validate spark
    Inspect for vacuum leak.

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