1. J

    Engine rebuilt

    Just rebuilt most of my engine (3.8 from 2008 jeep). Now the compression is showing 120lb at all cylinders And a code came up for cam sensor. Is it possible that Cam sensor can cause this.
  2. W

    Needed Manifold Plugs

    In my 1988 YJ with I have the 4.2 engine block with the 4.0 head. The intake and exhaust manifolds are stock to the 4.2 I believe. I have nuttered the Jeep, therefore I am not using the knock sensor and coolant sensor in the intake manifold and the oxygen sensor in the exhaust manifold. I would...
  3. B

    2010 Jeep commander need help...

    I have a 2010 jeep commander giving code P0335!!! NOT P0355 I entered wrong code when typing last night!!! I have replaced the ckp sensor with 2 different sensors and get same issue. On the dash it has the red lightning bolt flashing and the esp and bsm lights on. When cranking it takes a good...
  4. S

    Wrangler bogging down

    Hey all! I have a 99 wrangler sahara and over the past few years I’ve had issues with the acceleration bogging down and seeming like it will stall out. I’ve tried so many things to fix it such as o2 sensor, spark plugs, new exhaust, flushing the system out, you name it ive tried it. Every time I...
  5. Eclektq

    Can anyone tell me......

    What I need sensor wise to "Tune" Up my 1994 4.0 HO? Want all that will balance the fuel air mixture.....She's smelling really rich at idle. All the plugs, Wires, Coil are new high performance and from a American manufacturer....Air filter a brand new Wix. Timing was set by an expert... And the...
  6. B


    I just hook up light pods in my wheel wells and under my jk. No my tpm sensor is on. Is this a coincidence or is there something I need to look for?
  7. D

    TPMS sensors replaced, light still on

    Asked mechanic to replace 5 TPMS sensors - he did, light still on - found out today I have a donut spare and there isn't supposed to be a sensor in it - if I have him remove that sensor, will the light on the dash finally go out? I have an 09 Jeep Liberty Sport
  8. JeepinJawga

    No start/No spark condition

    Where to begin... Well I have no spark in my 1992 Wrangler YJ 4.0 Automatic. Here's a list of what i've replaced: Crankshaft position sensor Camshaft position sensor (Distributor switch plate) O2 Sensor Ignition switch Ignition coil (replaced three times) Rotor button ASD relay I have around...
  9. D

    Grand Cherokee Laredo 2001 2 issues

    First issue is I lost my speedo. It was cutting out for a little while and now it rarely moves. Is that the speed sensor for tranny? Second issue is I lost my 4wd indicator lights on my dash. My part time light was staying on and recently I went into 4wd and it went off, now I have no 4wd...
  10. C

    Need some help here.

    I have a 97 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0. I'm having a crank but no start issue here. Now i have replaced the PCM, distributor with plugs and wires, crank sensor and a battery but nothing. Does anyone have any advice on this?
  11. Mikentina

    Jeepie wont start

    I was driving one day to oic the wife up at work when jeepie decided to act up ......she started to spit and spudder than she backfired amd shut off all happend within 50 i tried to fire her back up and she said f*** you not i bought i know what a...
  12. Mikentina

    98 cherokee zj no start conditions

    I was driving one day to oic the wife up at work when jeepie decided to act up ......she started to spit and spudder than she backfired amd shut off all happend within 50 i tried to fire her back up and she said f*** you not i bought i know what a...
  13. D

    YJ Wrangler High Idling

    94' YJ Wrangler 2.5L. Just finished my project of changing my water pump, power steering pump, idler pulley, serpentine belt and now my Jeep is randomly idling at ~2,500 rpm when you start it, idle, and any time you aren't in gear. When it is in gear it just accelerates without hitting the gas...
  14. J

    2004 Grand Cherokee 4.0L random multiple misfire P0300-1,2,3,4,5,6

    The problem: The engine Idles fine however while under load (accelerating) the check engine light flashes and eventually the engine sputters out as if it were only firing on 2 cylinders and was horribly out of timing. Almost a complete loss of power and usually happens over 55 MPH and above 3000...
  15. J

    2000 Cherokee misfires in reverse & when warm

    2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 Check engine light on shows codes Po202 and Po204. Misfires and shutters mainly when put in reverse and gas given to back up also strong exhaust smell. Also runs worse when warmed up after driving awhile. This is a recurrent issue. Put in 2 new fuel injectors (2 &...
  16. M

    HELP!! Have you had this trouble code???

    p1762: Sensor input greater or less than calibration for 3 consecutive neutral/park occurances. My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with a 98' transmission isn't wanting to go over 30 mph and is high RPMing at about 4000. If I take off real slow it does okay and shifts but if I just drive...
  17. M

    2000 grand cherokee transmission sensor problems

    :xmy jeep wouldn't go over 30mph and it would rpm between 4,000-5,000 and i had found it had been the speed sensor, i replaced it 2 months ago and havn't had a problem since until last night it started doing it again so what could be causing that????? any help would be great