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    Skinny Pedal door hangers

    I couldn't be happier with these hangers from Skinny Pedal. They are straight forward, well made, and work flawlessly. You just attach the single hanger to the wall using the 5 included bolts and washers (make sure you mount it to a stud) then slide the door's pins into the hanger. You can mount two doors on one hanger and either fold them flat against the wall, or sticking straight out.

    I like this hanger so much that I've ordered another one to mount in my shed (I've got a set of full and another set of half doors). It's well made and even painted black.

    If you'd like a set then get in touch with Skinny Pedal

    Skinny Pedal door hangers-skinny-pedal-door-hangers-2010-08-26-002.jpg

    Skinny Pedal door hangers-skinny-pedal-door-hangers-2010-08-26-003.jpg

    Skinny Pedal door hangers-skinny-pedal-door-hangers-2010-08-26-005.jpg

    Skinny Pedal door hangers-skinny-pedal-door-hangers-2010-08-26-008.jpg

    Skinny Pedal door hangers-skinny-pedal-door-hangers-2010-08-26-010.jpg

    Skinny Pedal door hangers-skinny-pedal-door-hangers-2010-08-26-013.jpg
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    Re: Skinny Pedal door hangers

    I agree completely with Terry.

    I started with a single door hanger and quickly found the product to be simple, effctive and nice looking. I now have three sets of hangers for my Tube doors, Full steel doors, and Half steel doors.

    Here is a pic of my garage wall with the Full and Half doors hanging flush.

    I shared this photo with Skinnypedal and it is now the picture used on their website.

    The doors can swing on the SkinnyPedal mount as easily as they do on the Jeep. If you look closely at the lower left steel door, you can see that I have an electrical outlet in the wall behind the window. I swing the door out to allow the cord to be behind the door and avoid damaging my paint.

    I could not be happier with this product.

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