1. TerryMason

    Recommendations for exterior dash cams

    I'd like to buy a camera to mount on the outside of my windshield while offroading. Anyone know of one that would work well, but not break the bank? It would need to be waterproof, and have a decent battery.
  2. D

    2008 wrangler v6 automatic no power / high fuel trim

    My dad has a 2008 Wrangler with a v6, automatic. The thing has no power, it sees a hill coming an starts slowing down :). We tried to use it to pull a car out of the ditch and even in 4 low it wouldn’t pull it out. The odd thing is it wouldn’t spin the tires at all either (maybe traction...
  3. F

    TJ tub

    Does anyone know where to find a good Tub for a 97-2000 TJ Without breaking the bank?