Recommendations for exterior dash cams


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I'd like to buy a camera to mount on the outside of my windshield while offroading. Anyone know of one that would work well, but not break the bank?
It would need to be waterproof, and have a decent battery.

Does it need to be on the exterior? Mine is mounted to the inside of the windshield in the neighborhood of the mirror. I'd have to go look to see what brand it is - a gift from my son.
I use drift innovation cameras for everything, Autocross to bicycling. They are waterproof and the battery lasts more than double a go-pro (i have go pro, too but dont use because the battery only lasts 2-2.5 hours and i need at least 6 hours for cycling events).

Anyways, they are the same price as most other cameras but the battery and ability ro use a huge memory card is what sold me. I have a regular ghost camera and a ghost xl. Both have been through rain, sun, fallen off and tumbled down the road, and still going.

I even finally bought a hard case for one, just because j am worried the lens will het the ground sometime and break during a tumble.

They use normal mounts. I use go-pro mounts and their own mounts with no issues.

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I've got a Garmin mini interior dashcam, and I love it, but I'd also like to have an exterior go pro style just for wheeling. I find that the videos of me doing cool stuff also include audio of me squealing like a little girl. The audio makes it less impressive.

I'd like something hood or windshield mounted that would capture the engine noise, and maybe get better angles (I'd like to try bumper mounted).

superj - I like the look of that drift, it seems perfect. It is a bit more than I wanted to spend though. I'll have to think about it.

Thats how my autocross videos were, the sound of me and the passenger screaming made the videos not so cool.

Check for them on sale on amazon. Its going to be black friday prices so should be cheap