1. bradleyheathhays

    Dash brake light on after replacing rear brakes

    '96 XJ here and I've just replaced everything you can on my rear drum brakes, and now that they're done the red 'BRAKE' dash light is constantly on. I have sort of an idea as to why but no idea how to go about fixing it. This happened on both sides btw... When I had finished replacing...
  2. B

    Custom parking brake solution for a disc brake conversion

    I have a 93 Sahara with a 8.8 swapped rear axle, and the conversion to the disc brakes cost the previous owner the parking brake system. I'm looking at off-the-shelf solutions, but I had an idea I wanted to vet with the custom welding get-stuff-done people around here. What if I welded a...
  3. bradleyheathhays

    Broke brake to fix?

    Had a wheel cylinder start leaking on the old '96 XJ so I figure I'll do all new rear brake parts since I haven't been into them in a while. After getting all the pass side taken apart I go to take the brake line off the backside of the cylinder and the hard brake line twists off right...
  4. bradleyheathhays

    Left rear brake went kapow

    Me brakes all the sudden felt weak on the '96 XJ today and I get home to find the inside of my left tire coated with something coming from the drum. Looks like it all came out when I was stopped because it's all in one direction. So what am I looking at replacing here...probably the...
  5. superj

    tailgate third brake light contacts

    good morning guys!! is the access to the back side of those contacts for the third brake light accessed from the wheel area? i moved the black plastic a little and squeezed my hand up in but i couldn't feel the body side of those contacts. i ask because only the top contact is there so i...
  6. D

    Rear drum brake repair on YJ

    So I recently changed out my rear drum brake pads and both wheel cylinders. One back right was leaking like crazy and when I pulled it apart it looks like it self detonated, springs were broken, it was missing parts and the pistons in the brake cylinder just fell off when I opened it up. After...
  7. C

    Brake Light switch supplemental braking

    Hello All I am trying to figure out what wire is what. I need to install a Road master Brake Pro 9300 Proportional Towed Car Brake Unit in to my 1993 Jeep Wrangler 2.5 5 speed I have attached the type of connector I need to tap into. This photo is the switch side, the plug/harness side has 5...
  8. J

    01,WJ , nasty , brake thump

    Hi everyone , Could really use some help 2 mechanics shops and no answers . I had my front and rear suspension rebuilt All new everything and the used the good red rubber bushings . I changed the front brakes rotors and calipers and converted to akebono calipers . The rear pads and rotors...
  9. H

    Parts suggestions

    I have a1973 cj5 304 t-15 transmission. I am looking for the release handle and cable for the parking brake. I have found a 1972 release handle but the sites are clear that they will not work. So Is it possible to find another model year pedal mechanism that will work? My parking brake...
  10. B

    seized caliper bolt

    I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee. I have the caliper off, but the bracket that surrounds the rotor is stuck. The two 18 mm bolts on the back are seized. I've broke one cheap socket already. I don't want to use a torch because of all the tubing around. I have sprayed it with PB blaster. Just...
  11. T

    HELP!!!!!Terrible vibration when braking!

    any time i brake espically coming off the freeway at higher speeds i get a terrible vibration from the front end it feels like the tires could fly off any minute please any answers would help i drive my kids in this car i wanna make sure its safe PLEASE
  12. F

    Parking / Emergency Brake Beep

    I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to disable the beeps when you enable the parking brake. I have a 2006 Rubicon, and I never use the brake because of this. I'd like to, but it's way too annoying. I heard pulling fuse #4 disables the door beep, but doesn't disable the brake beep...
  13. slavic98tj

    Brake lights went out

    Both my break lights stopped working a couple days ago. :cry: FIRST; To get things Straight, The fuse for the break lights, behind the glove compartment, is not the problem. That's the first thing i looked at when my brake lights stopped working. Nothing burnt out. Both Light bulbs are bran...