01,WJ , nasty , brake thump


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Hi everyone ,

Could really use some help 2 mechanics shops and no answers .

I had my front and rear suspension rebuilt
All new everything and the used the good red rubber bushings .

I changed the front brakes rotors and calipers and converted to akebono calipers .

The rear pads and rotors were changed as well

After the work was done the car has a nasty thumping clunking noise when braking off highway speeds coming from the right front wheel and it vibrates all the way to the back of the car and ends with a clunking sound.

The mechanic who did the work couldn't find anything wrong so I brought it to a suspension shop who thought it was the rotors and changed them only to have the same problem . It's not felt in the pedal

Please help wish I could post a video

Any lift?

By “front and rear suspension rebuilt”, did it include wheel bearings, ball joints, control arms, springs shocks...?

Brake rotors and wheel balance would be the first things to look at. Verify u-joints are not worn or binding.

Were the tires balanced and alignment complete?

Verify all nuts and bolts are tightened to spec. Specifically the track bar and sway bar links.
Also do a dry steer test to see if anything is loose.

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