1. TerryMason

    Recommendations for exterior dash cams

    I'd like to buy a camera to mount on the outside of my windshield while offroading. Anyone know of one that would work well, but not break the bank? It would need to be waterproof, and have a decent battery.
  2. R

    Gear Shift knob removal '84 CJ7???

    does the gear shift for a cj7 simply screw off? For both transfer case and transmission? I'm trying to replace the boot on each, but i need the knob to come off first and i don't want to break it!!! thanks
  3. DeadHammer

    Break Caliper Swap

    I believe I read some where that the front calipers on a Grand Cherokees will fit on a TJ. The reason I'm interested in this is because the Grands Cherokees have a dual piston caliper (if I'm not mistaken) and the TJs only have a single piston. Is there really any benefit to this sort of swap if...