1. TerryMason

    Screwed up changing out spark plugs - multiple cylinder misfires

    I can't remember changing the spark plugs in my Jeep, so I decided to knock it out today. The old plugs that came out looked terrible. They are NGK plugs, and I wonder if they are the factory plugs (2005 4.0 with 172k Miles on the odometer). New plugs: AutoLite Double Platinum Spark Plug...
  2. bradleyheathhays

    Broke brake to fix?

    Had a wheel cylinder start leaking on the old '96 XJ so I figure I'll do all new rear brake parts since I haven't been into them in a while. After getting all the pass side taken apart I go to take the brake line off the backside of the cylinder and the hard brake line twists off right...
  3. K

    2005 Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8 Oil Pressure Light

    Hi all. I recently completed a job on our 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee (4.7 V8). I had popped a rocker on the 8th cylinder, and the valve seats were busted on two others. (i have pictures). I replaced both cylinder heads with remanufactured, new everything inside the cylinder heads (valve, cams...
  4. J

    Weird p0300 code

    So my 07 2 door jk started with a p0301 misfire in cylinder 1, so I changed cylinder 1 spark plug. then it through p0303 misfire in cylinder 3, so I changed all of the spark plugs and the plug wires. then it through just a p0300 misfire in random cylinders. the Jeep runs fine, no...
  5. D

    Cylinder Head Hole Size

    Trying to resurrect my 86 cj7. Bought a rebuilt cylinder head, already returned my original. Tried to bolt it on and the cylinder head bolt holes are too small. Block has 1/2 inch bolts. Cylinder head has holes for 7/16. Can someone tell me, what size the hole was from the factory? Going...
  6. P

    Help - 1992 CJ 4 cylinder transmission issue

    Grandson has a 1992 YJ 4 cylinder 5 speed w/transfer case. It will not shift into 2nd, 5th, nor reverse. Any ideas where to start with a cure. I'm an very experienced mechanic, but no experience with Jeep transmissions. Thank you in advance for any help.
  7. E

    Metal popping/breaking sound when Clutch pedal pressed

    I was sitting at a stop light and when I hit the clutch to shift into 1st, a sound like a spring breaking or popping happened and I could no longer shift into any gear. The only thing that happens is the clutch pedal goes to the floor (some pressure resistance) but it won't allow for shifting...
  8. P

    Help me please I messed up...

    I just got done doing the head gasket on my 99 wrangler. When i got everything back together i was double checking the vacuum and electrical connections to make sure i didn't miss anything. I dont know were this outlet on the side of my intake manifold goes to, i remember taking three off of...