Metal popping/breaking sound when Clutch pedal pressed


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I was sitting at a stop light and when I hit the clutch to shift into 1st, a sound like a spring breaking or popping happened and I could no longer shift into any gear. The only thing that happens is the clutch pedal goes to the floor (some pressure resistance) but it won't allow for shifting. Checked the Master Cylinder for fluid and had plenty. No leaks as far as I can tell.

Fast forward a week later which would be this past weekend and decided to look into removing and replacing the Master and Slave Cylinder and maybe peek into the bell housing to see if I could see anything.

Suffice to say, I'm very confused now. According to some diagrams and pictures, the Slave Cylinder has a part that looks like a stick with a ball at the end of it that should go into the Clutch Release Bearing. However, when peeking into the bell housing and feeling around, I found this part that was rather loose that was shaped more like a socket (as in a ball and socket) that looked or felt nothing like the Clutch Release Bearing.

I'm so confused....

Anyways, if there's anyone that can help, as in a diagnosis and a walkthrough on how to fix, I'd be much obliged.

The pressure plate died and the throw out bearing ate through the teeth that it's supposed to ride on so it can't release your clutch anymore. Sounds like integral slave (yuch!)