1. M

    Outstanding safey issue

    In my quest to get information about my 1994 XJ 4.0, Jeep themselves have offered the following information. What follows is a cut and paste from their email. 723 Safety Defect/Non Compliance Description and Safety Risk: THE FRAME MAY CRACK AND CAUSE THE STEERING GEAR TO SEPARATE FROM THE...
  2. offpistejeep

    2006 Jeep Unlimited LJ Frame - $4650 (Sparks)

    The frame is a brand new "Throttle Down Kustoms" frame. This structurally sound frame is black powder coated and is a stronger rebuild than a OEM frame. It is hard to come by, but essential for a frame swap or rebuild of the "Unicorn" 2006 Jeep Unlimited LJ. TDK Frame Manufacturing Process -...
  3. L

    '95 YJ Rear Frame Update Suggestions

    Hi. I am getting ready to repair the rusted rear frame of my '95 YJ. Eventually, I would like to make this jeep something that I can drive on the street (Limited duty only) and use at the local Off Road Park. So, before I buy a kit to repair the rear frame, should I look at...
  4. Z

    Streching Cj7 frame to fit a single cab s10 body.

    Im new here so I'm not sure if I posted about correct place but recently bought a cj7 with a 350 and 4 speed how ever with out a title. And im not really a jeep guy. So my first thought was to stretch the frame and put a s10 body on it. So I I've been looking around and reading some forms and i...
  5. J

    1978 CJ7 Frame Rebuild

    Hi everybody, I have a 1978 CJ7 torn down to the 2 frame rails and have welded in new steel u channel into the outside frame rails replacing the rusted out inside u channel. If I was to do this again I think I would drill holes and do button welds but this time I have welded continuously...
  6. H

    1998 Wrangler TJ rusted frame repair

    Looking of someone in Greenwood, IN or surrounding area who does rusted frame repair on Jeep Wranglers.
  7. S

    Track bar installation and rear alignment

    I rebuilding my 1999 Wrangler, Installed 2 new coil springs after one brook in the accident. I have installed new upper and lower control arms however the track bar is 2" from its frame mount. Any Ideas on where the back axle aligns with the frame. I am currently only off 3/8" from being...
  8. D

    94 YJ Broken Frame. Front Drivers Side at steering gear box all the way to shocktower

    Was driving my Jeep (non lifted 4 cyl) and started to turn and heard a loud snap and my steering became incredibly loose (1.5 rotations before steering engaged) so I immediately went back home. When I got home I looked at the frame and it snapped from the steering gear box all the way back to...
  9. K

    2000 Jeep grand Cherokee rust info

    Hello Im new here to JEEPZ. I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has some rust on the front drivers side frame. Not the long frame that gos along the jeep just a part that is connected to it and gos off to the side and up to the cab. What part of the frame is this called? Same on the passenger...
  10. 8

    frame patching

    hey whats up guys, i have a big question i have a bad crack on my frame right in front of my rear tire, and i was wondering what would be the best way to fix i?
  11. M

    Looking 4 Sahara Frame 86 & up

    Wanting to buy frame for Sahara. I have just about everything else. Does not matter what condition or color.
  12. F

    Need! Yj frame

    i'm looking for a yj frame down in florida.4.0-4.2 mounts, rolling and non rolling. even a body/tub with a frame..i'll take anything as long it has a good frame.