Streching Cj7 frame to fit a single cab s10 body.


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Im new here so I'm not sure if I posted about correct place but recently bought a cj7 with a 350 and 4 speed how ever with out a title. And im not really a jeep guy. So my first thought was to stretch the frame and put a s10 body on it. So I I've been looking around and reading some forms and i haven't seen anything close to what i had in mind.. Has any one done anything or seen anything like that. Im open to suggestions.

That sounds interesting. Ive seen Chevelle body on 4x4 frame. It isn’t a typical type of post you find here. However there are some fabricators lurking.

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a single cab s10 square body short bed is too long? i would think the frame rails are to close together more than the frame not being long enough
@Z71_killer. I see your looking to Fab your self a toy!!! There is going to be a lot more then just stretching the frame.

Do you have the s10 body you want to use?

Have you removed the Cj7 body off the frame? Do you have the necessary tools to weld and skill to be sure your frame ext is going stay intact with the stress of sever use? Then let's look at the different locations of the body mounts for the cj7 fram to the s10 body mont. The s10 body is wider then the cj7 frame so morning the body would require building of body mounts to mont the cab to the frame. Then getting the steering and braking working correctly is going to require modification. You may find morning the cab of the s10 needing to be chopped to be narrower then building a custom box to be easier. If your building a trail rig that is not going to be driven on the street. To leave the jeep together and trailer it to wheeling area and there is no need for title and enjoy it.

Good luck and keep us posted on progress.

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