1. N

    Aftermarket Taillights Stuck on Install

    Got these Hooke taillights from Amazon. No install instructions seems very simple but the lights came with a hyper flash resistor I think its called. Lights work normally when plugged in no mounting hardware was included and Hooke support was useless telling me some people need the resistors...
  2. K

    03 Jeep Liberty axle problem

    So I was replacing the wheel hub on my 03 liberty when I accidently stripped the threads trying to remove the axle nut, leading me to have replace the entire passenger side axle. The new axle comes and I go to install it but it will not seat all the way in. The axle and the axle rod are two...
  3. F

    Want to learn how to work on my Jeep TJ

    I've driven my 1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sport 6 cyl for 160K miles since it was new, and now that I'm retired and have time I'd like to learn to work on it a bit myself. It's not a project car, it's my main ride .... I just love Jeeps! So far I've only installed LED headlights and have ordered...
  4. J

    We Install 4+ inches of lift on our Stock Height TJ with 38s!

    Hello everyone! We recently installed 4 inch dual rate skyjacker lift kit with nitrogen shocks and all the other good stuff on our jeep TJ! We created a full install video showing you exactly what it takes to get the job done as well as the end result! Spoiler alert, the lift kit said 4 inches...
  5. Fueled 4WD

    Yukon Gear & Install Kit Packages Now Available!

    Yukon Gear & Axle - Gear & Install Kit Packages These are complete packages that includes front & rear ring & pinion sets along with the most complete master overhaul kits on the market, giving you everything you need to re-gear the front & rear differential in one easy part number. Make it easy...
  6. T

    A/C install on TJ

    I've read a few posts on other forums about installing A/C in a 2003 TJ. But calling around a few service centers near me, few seem willing to do so. The kit I am looking at is from and comes with all the necessary parts. Is there anyone near Baltimore or Washington DC who has had...