Want to learn how to work on my Jeep TJ


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I've driven my 1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sport 6 cyl for 160K miles since it was new, and now that I'm retired and have time I'd like to learn to work on it a bit myself. It's not a project car, it's my main ride .... I just love Jeeps! So far I've only installed LED headlights and have ordered a dash & backup cam to install. I'd like to install a modern single-din Bluetooth stereo sometime, too, so I wonder if anyone knows of a Jeep hobby group in the area (Woodinville, WA 98077) I might talk to or join just to learn?

YouTube videos have been great, but it's time to learn from people and be able to ask questions.

BTW, the Chrysler repair manual for this model seems to have passed into the public domain, so I downloaded the complete PDF (1182 pages!) ... let me know if anyone needs it and I will email a link.

Thanks :)