1. bradleyheathhays

    Third tail light conversion of the third kind

    '96 XJ here and although I've got a 3rd tail light it only lights up when the brake is applied. Is there a way to bring that center light up to modern standards and rig it to stay on all the time (when the lights are on) and get bright when the pedal is pushed?
  2. N

    Aftermarket Taillights Stuck on Install

    Got these Hooke taillights from Amazon. No install instructions seems very simple but the lights came with a hyper flash resistor I think its called. Lights work normally when plugged in no mounting hardware was included and Hooke support was useless telling me some people need the resistors...
  3. G

    Cambus issues 2006 Laredo

    made a bad decision to let a cheap company fit a towbar and socket to my 2006 Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.7 petrol. They just twisted the wires for the socket to my rear lights. First the brake lights stopped working, then one indicator, now the indicator lights come on with the brake lights. I was...
  4. B

    Need Suggestions for Replacement Fog Lights for New Bumper

    In January, I purchased and installed a RedRock 4x4 front bumper/bull bar with halogen fog lights for my ‘21 Wrangler Unlimited. Less than five months later, one of the fog lights fell out of the bumper, leaving only a dangling wire (AND the powder coat finish is chipping). Reps at every level...
  5. J

    Newest LED tail lights for the JK

    ​Now that the JK is starting to show it's age, we refreshed ours with some New LED tail lights. They look similar to the ones on the JL and are pretty much plug and play. Has anyone else installed these? Will keep you updated on how they do over time. Here is the full install. Cheers Jeep Fam...
  6. Z

    Dome light and courtesy lights not coming on anymore in 95 yj

    I bought some new leds for my dash and soundbar dome light and when i was putting the 578 led in the dome light it lit up for half a second and then went out completely. Before this my courtesy and dome lights were working fine now neither will come on. I checked the dome light fuse and its...
  7. aggreX

    KC Cyclone Underhood Light kit

    Installed a set of KC Cyclone 2-light Under Hood lights. Ran the wires through the hood reinforcement beams. KC lights come with everything you need: protective wire wrap, wire harness and switch. Made one change to the instructions by using rivet nutserts to bolt the lights onto the hood...
  8. L

    2007 Liberty Limited - IOD fuse location / ETC light is on and car won't start

    Thanks so much - I've gotten really great help here before, so! I've been disconnecting my battery periodically over the years to turn the check engine light off - also for a year or so, the 3 lights ABS, ESP, and Air bag lights come on intermittently when driving but they usually shut off by...
  9. I

    New tail lights help!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the jeep family and looking to change my stock tail lights to LED ones. I have a 2015 jeep wrangler unlimited sport. Please help me out so that I can find some good quality and bright tail lights.
  10. J

    Start run lights problem

    If I turn on my lights the engine will die. Turn the lights off runs fine. Remove the park lights fuse and turn on head light and it runs fine. Replace the park light fuse engine dies? I have no clue where to go on this one.
  11. ScubaDude


    Hey guys, I've almost decided what roof rack to go with (leaning towards the Gobi ranger) and it has places for lights. I would like 4 frontfacing lights off the front of the rack and one rear one off the back. The front facing ones ideally would be the round type like KC or PIAA. the rear one I...
  12. Barney07

    looking to install roof lights

    Hey everyone I am looking to install some offroad lights on my roof of my 08 GC. I will mount them to a basket but I face several problems. First problem how to run wire to interior switches without making any holes. Second problem I have seen forums that have people "properly" wiring the...
  13. P

    Lights flashing randomly on Grand Cherokee

    The lights are flashing on and off randomly tonight on our Gr. Cherokee ! Any ideass on what is the culprit? Thanks
  14. T

    Cheap! Headlights/Taillights!!!

    Does any one know of a good website to get cheap head lights or tail lights for a 2000 jeep gc? autozone wants a 100 a peice for stock. any help would be great thanx.
  15. slavic98tj

    No CLuster LIghts ! ? ! ? ! HELP !

    I was driving home on the freeway when i heard a faint pop in my guage cluster. All the Lights in my Cluster went out. I cant see how fast im going or what my RPM is at (but 3 years driving my jeep, i really dont need it).... I dont know what went wrong. The only things that work are my...
  16. Z

    When the lights go out in the city

    Hi, that's a Journey reference in the title. :shades: I have a 96 ZJ and when I bought it it didn't have any courtesy lights. I finally received my repair manual and found the fuse box. The fuse was missing so I put one in and the lights came on, and on. They won't go out. I'm guessing it's a...
  17. V

    Electrical Issues

    I've got a 99 Jeep TJ. My instrument cluster doesnt light up when I turn on my headlights on. I can get the cluster to light up when I work the light knob between full on and off. When they do light up, the engine shutters along with the radio....any help out there?
  18. C

    Wiring path for Driving Lights--HELP!

    I am trying to wire driving lights that are mounted on the windshield frame, but I can't find a good path for the wires. I was thinking about drilling a hole in the cowl and then routing the wires into the engine compartment, but I can't find a good way to get back through the firewall near...