1. R

    Horn piece with two long pieces of metal. 85 CJ7

    A source for steering column horn parts is wanted. The plastic piece with 2 metal legs protruding from it under the bolt holding the key lock in place. Its held down with a straight spring.
  2. Oldchief

    JK inner metal fender removal

    Search this but all I found was info on plastic fender flair removal & install. I'm looking for "how to" video or written instructions for how to remove the metal inner fender on my '08 JK. I've removed all the obvious bolts that I can see but its still not coming off. From looking at pic's of...
  3. F

    TJ body

    Does anyone know where to buy rear inner wheel wells for a TJ? The metal part of the tub
  4. Glennn

    Anybody in NJ want this windshield header?

    We bought an second hand but unused soft for our 16 Wrangler last year. The top was originally intended to go on an 07. For whatever reason the front header would not seal in the middle of the windshield. I ended up getting a Bestop metal header and life was good. If anyone wants this let me...