JK inner metal fender removal


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[FONT=&quot]Search this but all I found was info on plastic fender flair removal & install. I'm looking for "how to" video or written instructions for how to remove the metal inner fender on my '08 JK. I've removed all the obvious bolts that I can see but its still not coming off. From looking at pic's of new replacement inner JK fenders, it appears there may be a bolt on the lower front, behind the grill. Is this correct? Also, looks as if there are bolt holes under the wiper grill, so does this grill have to be removed to access bolts under it? Just trying to salvage and not to damage my inner LF fender any more than it already is. Pic shows the metal inner fender I need to remove. Thanks![/FONT]


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Are you talking about removing the whole front quarter panel, the part with the badging? There is only a plastic inner fender.

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Yes, the driver side metal inner fender, also called a front quarter panel. I got it off today, so thanks for your reply.