1. TerryMason

    Jeep featured in 60 minutes episode about Lithium

    Interesting episode by 60 minutes talking about how lithium will be mined in the US. Jeep is mentioned several times in relations to their need for batteries. I was surprised to hear that Jeep had sold out of plug in hybrids last year, and are looking to buy all the EV batteries they can get.
  2. J

    1997 2.5 Litre Jeep Wrangler TJ idles fine for 5 minutes, dies and wont restart

    Thanks for any guidance, I have driven this jeep without any issue for several months, been very solid and dependable. I shut it off a month or so ago and did not restart until a few days back. I went to start and it would crank but no start, at first I thought it might be dirty fuel so I put a...
  3. C

    2008 Jeep Liberty

    I have a 2008 Jeep Liberty and it has been running fine until Monday last week. What is happening is when I start the vehicle it will not take the fuel, or idle and then shuts off. After about 20 minutes of cranking and shutting off finally it will run half decent so I can drive it. About 10...
  4. D

    Grand Cherokee MY14 Front End / Engine Vibrations

    Has anyone had any experience with significant intermittent vibrations whilst driving at around 1500 revs or less in a GCMY14? It is generally occurring after about 45 minutes driving on open road and does not occur in short - trips / city driving but has occurred once going uphill soon after...
  5. Y

    2004 Liberty won't start after running 45 minutes - HELP

    Hi Guys - hopefully someone has some idea what's going on because I am stumped. My 2004 Liberty starts on a cold engine no problem, if I take a short drive and stop the engine, same thing. However when I have been driving about 45 minutes, if I turn the engine off - it won't turn over and...