1. offpistejeep

    2006 Jeep Unlimited LJ Frame - $4650 (Sparks)

    The frame is a brand new "Throttle Down Kustoms" frame. This structurally sound frame is black powder coated and is a stronger rebuild than a OEM frame. It is hard to come by, but essential for a frame swap or rebuild of the "Unicorn" 2006 Jeep Unlimited LJ. TDK Frame Manufacturing Process -...
  2. N

    Aftermarket Taillights Stuck on Install

    Got these Hooke taillights from Amazon. No install instructions seems very simple but the lights came with a hyper flash resistor I think its called. Lights work normally when plugged in no mounting hardware was included and Hooke support was useless telling me some people need the resistors...
  3. J

    Spacer on Tire Mount

    Good Morning, I have a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. I recently bough new wheels and tires for it. 255/75/r17. I noticed when trying to put the spare tire on the tire carrier mount that the new tire will not fit. The studs on the stock tire mount do not seem to be long enough to put the lugs...
  4. TerryMason

    Dashcam for a Wrangler

    Anyone have suggestions for a dashcam that would be mounted in my TJ? I'm not looking for a suction cup / cigarette plug setup, but something that I'd mount permanently and have it look nice. I'd also like it to auto record whenever the Jeep is started.
  5. D

    Where Can I Find a New Track Bar Mount for my YJ??

    My front drivers side frame broke from the steering gear box extending to the shock tower. I found a new replacement frame section that extends that far and have it ordered, but it does not come with a replacement track bar mount. I called the company and they said to remove the last one and...
  6. J

    What do you use to mount a flag to your jeep?

    We explored this option, and we are pretty happy with it! What does everyone else use?
  7. P

    CJ7 Spring Mounts WTF

    :???: So I finally built a jeep and did the ussual frame off and prep work for a tough trail toy. It is a 1980 CJ7 mostly stock 304/ 727/ 300/dana 30/Amc 20 with 2.5 Rancho lift springs (already installed when bought), 2 " body and 35 BFG MT. My Question is, the spring hangers both front and...