1. D

    Vtss inside pcm on 96 jeep grand Cherokee 4.0?

    Any help here will be appreciated. My first post here and I have two jeeps and always thankful of the advice and knowledge I received. But currently the problem I'm having is my vtss. And i don't have a skim and about a year or so ago I did the bypass on both front door switch and it worked...
  2. M

    92 YJ Charging System

    Hello Jeepz Forum Members, I have a '92 Jeep YJ, 4.0L. My voltmeter in the dash is reading low, and after replacing the battery (needed to be done anyway), I am still having problems with the battery not receiving enough voltage to charge. The good folks at O'Reily Automotive connected a test...
  3. R

    Putting a 2002 Liberty 3.7 V6 into a 07 WK 3.7 V6

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie here and I just got a blown motor 2007 WK 3.7. Currently, I need to find an engine to replace it. I found a good deal from 2002 Liberty 3.7 V6, which has a blown gasket that I am going to rebuild. May I know what are the precautions I should consider when...
  4. Liv4Drums

    What is the difference between 1999 and 2000 PCM harness

    I have a 1999 WJ Limited 4.7 non-HO that has a decent body and only 50,000mi on the transmission and transfer case and a 2000 WJ Limited 4.7 non-HO from the rustbelt with a trashed body. I am replacing the complete wiring harnesses, interior, dash, HVAC and all electronics of the 1999 with the...
  5. S

    Another crank/no start. No spark to coil, new CPS... help!

    Hi all, first post on Jeepz! I wasn't having any luck on another forum so hoping for some help. I have a 1999 Jeep XJ and I have no spark from the coil. The coil is powered with the 12v wire, but the signal wire does nothing. I have checked the other end of the signal wire at the PCM side...
  6. Mikentina

    Pcm ecu issues

    Ok so all the pins that i went to test were either right on the mark but when i tested pin #22 on the pcm for 12voltz it came back with 7.4 voltz 98 jeep grand cherokee laredo 4.0 zj
  7. J

    Replacing a PCM on a jeep TJ (Codes p0031, p0037, p0051, p0057)

    Hi everyone! First and foremost, thank you all for your help while trying to diagnose and fix my check engine light issue! Hope everyone is doing well and is safe during these COVID ridden times! After searching around a ton, I decided to make a video showing our issue on our 2005 jeep tj...
  8. Pear

    Errors P2096 P2098 On 05 TJ Caused By PCM

    I have error codes P2096 and P2098, one for each downstream O2 sensor. It's causing the Jeep to run rich. I replaced the O2 sensors with NTK, and a dealership confirmed they were working fine (but I still had the MIL). Then I found a TSB for my Jeep that says errors 2096 and 2098 will show...
  9. J

    2004 Grand Cherokee 4.0L random multiple misfire P0300-1,2,3,4,5,6

    The problem: The engine Idles fine however while under load (accelerating) the check engine light flashes and eventually the engine sputters out as if it were only firing on 2 cylinders and was horribly out of timing. Almost a complete loss of power and usually happens over 55 MPH and above 3000...