Vtss inside pcm on 96 jeep grand Cherokee 4.0?


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Any help here will be appreciated. My first post here and I have two jeeps and always thankful of the advice and knowledge I received. But currently the problem I'm having is my vtss. And i don't have a skim and about a year or so ago I did the bypass on both front door switch and it worked fine but a couple weeks ago it's started again with the anti theft issue where it starts and stop after a few seconds. Looked everywhere and see many post about the vtss under dash. But I looked everywhere and didn't see it and someone told me that it may be programmed in the pcm. Also to mention now the clicking sound is not there anymore and the alarm light not lighting up anymore and the windows and door locks and dash not working. So my question for my jeep 1996 . Is the anti theft programmed in the pcm? And if so I guess get this pcm repaired reprogrammed or replace should be my next step. Also I did recently replace my fuse panel by the passenger door everything new but nothing same problem

wow. i have no idea but i hope you get it figured out