1. TerryMason

    Screwed up changing out spark plugs - multiple cylinder misfires

    I can't remember changing the spark plugs in my Jeep, so I decided to knock it out today. The old plugs that came out looked terrible. They are NGK plugs, and I wonder if they are the factory plugs (2005 4.0 with 172k Miles on the odometer). New plugs: AutoLite Double Platinum Spark Plug...
  2. G


    92 cherokee laredo 4.0 automatic transmission. Was running d Then died. Replaced crankshaft position sensor ignition coil plug wires spark plugs distributor cap and rotor fuel filter fuel pump. Got fuel pressure. Got really good spark off coil very weak spark to plugs. Got 8.70 volts from ecu...
  3. W

    Needed Manifold Plugs

    In my 1988 YJ with I have the 4.2 engine block with the 4.0 head. The intake and exhaust manifolds are stock to the 4.2 I believe. I have nuttered the Jeep, therefore I am not using the knock sensor and coolant sensor in the intake manifold and the oxygen sensor in the exhaust manifold. I would...
  4. D

    97 grand cherokee laredo I6 not turning over after spark plug and wire change

    Hello, I need some help I needed to change out my old spark plugs and wires yesterday, but after I swapped them out with new parts the engine refuses to turn over. I have quadruple checked the firing order (153624 going CW) and have put in and taken out the plugs and wires twice, even putting...
  5. C

    Need some help here.

    I have a 97 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0. I'm having a crank but no start issue here. Now i have replaced the PCM, distributor with plugs and wires, crank sensor and a battery but nothing. Does anyone have any advice on this?