97 grand cherokee laredo I6 not turning over after spark plug and wire change


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Hello, I need some help

I needed to change out my old spark plugs and wires yesterday, but after I swapped them out with new parts the engine refuses to turn over.

I have quadruple checked the firing order (153624 going CW) and have put in and taken out the plugs and wires twice, even putting the old ones back in
to be sure it wasn't an issue with the new ones and i still have no luck.

The only things I touched to get to the spark plugs were the coolant tubes to get to the first cylinder plug easier.

Anyone have a clue why i'm having this issue? I didn't have this issue before the swap so it's my fault but I don't know where I went wrong.

By turn over do you mean start or the engine doesn’t crack?
Did you mess with the distributor csp or rotor?

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I never opened the cap or mess with the csp or rotor.
What do you mean by crack? what I mean is the engine just won't start, it'll make the noise like it's trying to.
Using the term I was told, sorry if it's confusing, I'm new to taking care of my car so bare with me.
'crank' - try to start. As in starter turning engine.

Not an issue. I ask cause some use turn over as meaning cranking and some as starting-running.


Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up. -Jesse Jackson

Pull a plug and see if you are getting a spark when the engine is cranking / turning over. I suspect the coil is not being energized. Perhaps the coil wires were disturbed during the other work.
I actually did that this morning, it's getting a spark. I checked my fuses to see if any popped and they were all good.
I don't know what I could have screwed up. I filled the tank just to be sure and charged my car battery to full and didn't have any luck.
I also checked the air filter today and it's still really clean.

I think I might just take it to a shop. I really tried but idk what else to do since two other people have looked at it and just responded with a big shoulder shrug.
Air, fuel and spark.
Plus timing.
If you have the first three could the timing be way off ?

Did you measure fuel pressure?
What type and pn of the plugs
What was the gap?
The wires not crossed or ends snapping on the plugs and cap?

Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up - Jesse Jackson