2010 Jeep commander need help...


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I have a 2010 jeep commander giving code P0335!!! NOT P0355 I entered wrong code when typing last night!!!
I have replaced the ckp sensor with 2 different sensors and get same issue. On the dash it has the red lightning bolt flashing and the esp and bsm lights on. When cranking it takes a good 6-8 seconds to catch and start. Idle is rough with no throttle response. Also replaced all 16 spark plugs. I volt tested the wires at the ckp sensor and the results didn't make sense the 5 volt power was giving 2.6 volts. The ground was normal .2 or below and the ckp signal plug was giving a constant 5 volts this was all while key on not cranking. Any help or advice would be very thankful for. Thinking about cutting the wires at the pcm from C2 and running new wires directly to the ckp sensor.


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Did you reset the codes after changing the CKP?

Did you use OEM CKP?

Was there a paper gasket on the tip?

Did you check the coils? Esp #5 cylinder being it is noted in P0355 code.

Did you check your battery? Load test?

Check battery connections? ESP grounds. Clean both sides.

Swap coil 1&5 to see if the code changes to cylinder 1 then you know it is the coil.

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Yes rest codesUsed oem ckp
No paper gasket
Checked coils and swapped no issues there battery is good and clean
The problem is with the ckp somewhere....

Check your wiring. From what I gather the wire is short and prone to break.
Check the ckp you put in. On some vehicles you could insert too far and the sensor is damaged on the first crank of the engine.

Use only OEM sensors. Other mfgs are bad out of the box.

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Update 2010 Jeep Commander... Begging for help...

So update... I ran new wires from the wire harness 5 inches from where it comes out of pcm and down to the ckp sensor I'm still getting P0335 along with a new list of codes... :deadhorse::deadhorse::deadhorse: so now I'm not sure what next step is... Kinda starting to feel like either the wire harness needs to be replaced or the pcm is taking a dump and needs to be replaced... But trying to not break the bank with this damn thing.... Any tips or advice would be awesome at this point....


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With all the new codes im going to bring up battery connections again. Be sure the battery is sound. And the posts and connector contact areas are shiny clean. Then disconnect, clean and sand the opposite sides of the grounds and power.
Your initial comment about voltage being low at the sensor is a sign. Might check others like TPS and MAP sensor voltages.

You could use jumper cables to temporarily act as ground wires or power to see if the voltage drop is eliminated.

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I have a question that I have been digging thru the wiring diagram to try to figure out is the ckp signal wire pin 35 from the pcm shared with any other sensors? So after I had ran new wires to the ckp I went back in and put power and dround back to the original wires as well because I figured out that they 5 volt and ground wires are shared with other sensors throughout the engine. Now I'm wondering if the ckp wire is as well.
CAN BUS supplies power, ground and com. Image1631235077.484083.jpgImage1631235089.255497.jpg

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