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    Variable Speed Windshield Wiper '93 YJ

    Hello and Happy New Year, I own a '93 YJ and since I have owned it the wipers only go a single speed (I believe it is slow/continuous speed, but I do not have a frame of reference). I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to troubleshoot and isolate the the defective component(s) so that...
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    4cylinder to v8 swap

    Hi, I'm new to the jeep world and already want more power haha.I have a 1981 cj5 with a 4 cylinder 4 speed and I'm looking for the EASIEST, SIMPLEST and most common rout to take when you wanna swap out a 4 banger motor and bellhousing out for a v8, but want to keep the 4 speed? should the v8 be...
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    Hello, I am OTTOSEAR.

    I have owned these Jeeps... 1978 CJ7 Renegade 304 V8 with a 3 speed stick 1984 CJ7 Renegade 258 straight 6 with a 5 speed stick. I picked up the future Mrs. O, In my 1984 on our first date She has wanted her own Jeep since ... She wants a 2 door 2021 Jeep Wrangler Sport. Standard V6, 6...
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    Jeep Liberty speedometer

    I am having a problem with my speed sensor. Changed the transmition output no luck. Changed the rear speed sensor 4 times still no luck. Checked the wire by the emergency break, All wires are fine. Don't know what is going on. Any one know what's to do? thanks!!
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    Some kinda vib at 60mph

    i have a 97 TJ with a 4 in lift and i have this vib at 60 mph it feels like the motor or even trans but any speed up to 60 is fine and after 60 is fine. anyone have any ideas?