Variable Speed Windshield Wiper '93 YJ


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I own a '93 YJ and since I have owned it the wipers only go a single speed (I believe it is slow/continuous speed, but I do not have a frame of reference). I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to troubleshoot and isolate the the defective component(s) so that I do not inadvertently easter egg the solution and throw away good money. I am not even sure how to start troubleshooting, and unfortunately live in a location with an absence of decent non-dealership automotive electricians.

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test the variable switch assembly in the wiper stalk. its probably that but you can find the wires from it down along the column, above the foot area, and put a multimeter on them set to ohms. you will have to search for a wiring diagram to know which colors wires though because i do not know that
I just realized this was a post from earlier in the year, hopefully it will be helpful to someone else.

87-95 Wrangler YJ wiper delay control module.

OEM p/n: 56006957 / SF8956000428 / 8956000428

'XJ/YJ Only' on the label

First check the wiper relay on the fuse panel under the dash. If it's bad it will be locked in the speed that it was in when it failed. The part numbers changed in '94 so verify that it's correct for your '93 and functioning correctly.

Then I would suggest bypassing the intermittent wiper module to determine if that's your wiper problem. In my '94 it's located under the dash to the left of the steering column attached to a metal bracket with Velcro. Unplug both plugs from either side of the module and plug them together.

This will eliminate the intermittent circuit and your wipers should work on high and low speed only. If they do, your issue is in the intermittent wiper module. No one makes new replacement modules but yours may be repairable and used modules are available. Search for "intermittent wiper module jeep yj" and you'll find repair procedures and used modules.

If your wipers don't work on high and low speed and the relay is working, your issue is your wiper stalk or the wiper motor. It may be easier to check the wiper motor next since it's easily accessible with your windshield folded down. There are procedures for testing your wiper motor and stalk online, too