2016 Rubicon

Yeah for automatic to shift close to factory, dialed in for tires makes speedometer 3 mph fast...I knocked tires down half inch to get mph correct but shifts hard, fast, or however one wants to call it in first 2 gears. I have 4.10 gears but pulling 18 inch rims. Plenty of power, just quick to hit revs and throws in higher gear Lil to soon. There is no rim size on superchip. I don't know if that is problem with 18 instead of 17 inch that came with factory, but doubt it. I called superchip but give up after 10 min hold. May try again.

Chrysler built the Jeep, can't fool me ! lol what exactly did you do to it besides what every one else does ? BTW, why 18s?, so you can forever pay an extra 50 bucks per tire over 17s ?

I loved the bright chrome looking aluminum rims that the Sierra jk had on them. Its a lil taller, lower profile,and more tire. But biggest reason was shinny and only cost 300 for all five rims. I am like a crow, shiny things go good with my jeep. Snorkel was latest thing on it. You are right with 18s limited selection, and bigger prices.

I know I'm right about the 18s, I also have them but my Jeep came with them from the dealer. I should have gotten 17s with my first tire change, the lower price of the tires would have paid for new wheels by now. I may still do it with my next tire change.