3.6L life expectancy


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I am looking at potentially purchasing a 2013 Rubicon JKU.
The Good - Single Owner (older couple), never off road, meticulously maintained, decent price.
The bad - 270 000 km (about 168k Miles)

Is that kind of milage a concern for a 3.6L pentastar that has been serviced regularly and will taken care of?

Would love any feedback.


Mine has 113k but is a '16. 3.6L is a strong engine if taken care of. I just did $1300 worth of needed stuff - tune up, injectors, and serpentine belt. I'm assuming the price is right... mine runs great! Engine wise... I wlhave a front hun giving me problems now?!? Oy vey

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Any lifter type knock may be the rocker arms loosening.

08 liberty 95k mi running strong

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I have a 14 jk with the 3.6. I’ve replaced my oil cooler, radiator, and all rockers and lifters. 80k when the oil cooler went and 90k when a rocker bearing failed. I drove it 24k miles one summer towing a teardrop around the USA. It really is a solid engine that isn’t too difficult to work on. If you aren’t doing the work yourself it can be pricey because some simple maintenance things require a lot of dismantlement. Most of the issues that the early 3.6s had should have been resolved considering the mileage. If the price is right listen to your gut when you see it.

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I thought about "Modernizing" From my old YJ to a JK.....And after looking at four and ALL of them had replacement motors, I decided to stay "Antiquated",,,,,,,,
The 3.6 is actually a pretty solid engine. The issues are relatively small in comparison to how many have been produced. The bottom end can last 500k miles and the rocker issue should be resolved after replacement. I don’t know of anyone that has had to replace the whole engine. And I know lots of people with close to 200k miles relatively problem free. Some mechanics are lazy and would rather replace the engine than break it down and fix the issue. Sometimes it’s best to just stick with good old faithful.

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when did they put the 3.6 in jeeps? i think that is what my buddy has and he is having to replace it now. it blew something out on the highway and he had it rebuilt but he had to replace the heads and now it looks like the bottom end needs replacing so he is just going to do a crate motor

The 3.6 is actually a fantastic engine.I have driven this car many times, it is really a wonderful car, I really like it.