96 xj backfire and no power


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I have a 96 xj. Replaced fuel pump about 2 months ago all ran well. Was having problems with guages going wild. Saw different posts regarding crank position sensor.
another month later engine backfire and bogging. Replaced crank position sensor and no change. Replaced map sensor and no change. Today replaced throttle position sensor and no change.
Any suggestions before I buy another sensor.

Use only oem sensors. Jeeps are finicky. Or put the old ones back being nothing changed.

Any codes? What are they?

Running takes three things, air fuel and spark.

Clean the battery terminals inspect the wires specially the negative cables clean the opposite ends, where they attached to the body and the engine.
Make sure your battery is fully charged.
Next, make sure your throttle body and IAC our properly cleaned.
Next, I would check spark plugs look at the condition, share pictures and identify manufacture and part number

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