Added remote start to the 2019 jlu


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The wife was complaining about not having remote start on this jeep, versus her last however many cars and suvs having it. I did some checking and startx makes a plug and play kit for the jl jeeps.

So, i ordered it and put it on this morning. Its a bit different than the last few times i have installed this kit since you have to plug the remote module in and download some info from the jeep, go back to the computer and let it figure out which program to add to the module, and than go back and plug the module back into the jeep.

It was very easy to do though and the jeep started up on the first try with the factory remote.

So thats good
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That's really cool. You don't even need a new remote?
Nope, it uses the factory lock/unlock remote. And total, the kit was like 140 bucks off amazon.