Cj7 258 broken dip stick tube easy strong fix


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DIPSTICK TUBE BROKEN; Remove broken in block with 1/4" easy- out. Buy short piece of 1/4"(0.315)(outside) brake line tubing. Clean everything with acetone or a de-greaser. Cut brake tubing 2 to 3 inches long. Put a mark on the brake tubing at the half way point...in the middle of it. Coat tubing with RIGHT STUFF sealer or equivalent. Tap brake tubing half way into bottom half of broken dip stick tube. Tight fit but thats what you want. Tap top portion of dip stick tubing into remaining portion of brake line tubing but just before it bottoms out put a ring of sealer in gap between pieces then tap together. Put more sealer on outside of tube. Put sealer on block where tube enter it. Install DS tube into block and line it up by bolting the flange to the block. Strong joint and will NOT break again.
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