Do you ever shake your head at some of your past work?


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Sometimes I wonder what younger me was thinking. This is a photo of the "wiring" I did for my CB a little over a decade ago. Everything connected with scotch locks and the occasional electrical tape. Several connections had wiggled loose and were hanging freely. For the icing on the cake I didn't even trim down the extra long power cables, I just wrapped up the excess and taped it together.


Do you ever happen upon fixes you've done previously and feel a touch of shame?

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Ha ha ha, thats how i used to do it too
I often leave the excess cable if I don't think it will cause any issues - never know when you might reinstall it in a different vehicle and need the extra length.

Way back when I've made low voltage connections using masking tape. As a painter I always had it on hand.
I know that I've looked back on past work that I have done and see that there was likely a better way of doing it.

The worst feeling is when running wire and realizing that the wire was cut too short!! I like a little slack!!