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3/4 of the way through the Frankenstein project. a Dodge 360 of the 1979 era sits nicely between the frame rails pushing a tf 727 and coupled to a np207 thanks to some re-drilling of the adapter. I set the motor low in the frame in anticipation of the SOA (next project 8) ) I scarfed the shifter , cable and console from a 91 cherokee to eliminate the linkage hassle , keeping the yj t-case shifter and bracketing with a little tweaking of the bracket due to the thickness of the dodge 727 adapter compared to the jeep 904. I brought the motorcraft 2150 over to the 360 from the old 258 motor, and tweaked the kickdown linkage untill the shifts were smooth and regular. the project was tight on money so i kept the stock manifolds and had the local shop bend some pipe back to the skid plate. THANKs Justin at CJJs Auto in Mauston Wi !!!!!!!!8)8)
I used a y pipe and a flow tec muffler coupled to a new stock yj tailpipe to complete the setup. Very happy with the low throaty sound .
I originally thought i had bought a 318 powered truck and ordered a new radiator from occonee offroad but then discovered it was a 360 after cleaning and getting it ready for paint. so far it stays cool but when the temps were near 90 and sitting still it worried me some. all i have is a mechanical temp gauge that i placed in a fitting in the block but doesnt read right. the gauge never drops below 40 so when its running at 210 , anyway I have to weld a bung in a tube to put the probe in the upper radiator hose instead.
I plan to start ordering the spring perches and zj pitman arm etc and get at the SOA later this fall or this winter.
I have to say that the boys at were the greatest as i had no mopar experience what so ever. I cut out the jeep ignition and grafted the mopar orange box and external reg to the jeep. I mounted the solnoid and ignition parts all high on the firewall leaving only the starter below to see water !. seems to be runing a bit rich yet. heres some of the "along the way" pics........


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Any performance mods to the 360? the late 70's -early 90's motors were fairly underpowered.

A manifold, head work will really liven up the motor. factory chrysler exhaust manifolds actually flowed pretty well.
bone stock with only change being the motorcraft 2150. my poor 258 was so tired this motor feels like a monster 8). wont hot rod this motor, but will hunt up another 360 to build in the shop and swap out next . my wish list has a few "must haves" first !