Fuel pump on 97 Wrangler


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I just got my Jeep looked at and the tech said my "fuel pump assembly was very loose and may go bad at anytime." Is the fuel pump assembly part of the fuel pump? I want to replace the fuel pump myself to save the labor charges. Is it a realatively easy replacement? I've replaced brakes, plugs, etc., is this something I can handle?[addsig]


most likely you can handle it. the pump is in the tank. depending on your particular setup, the pump might be accessible without dropping the tank, but i'm not sure.[addsig]

I would get that fixes ASAP if I were you, I have a 98 SE Wrangler, bought it with about 82k on it. The 3rd day I had it I was driving on the highway and it just went DEAD, it was the fuel pump, not sure if it was the assembly or not, was to mad to bother finding out.[addsig]

yea your gonna have to drop the tank to get to it...not to bad if you do it when it's almost empty...but i've attempted dropping a full one before and they are a lot heavier than you think...the rest of the job is really to the point...goood luck...



Make a search for a post from jcooper "FREE bigger tank for TJ", it has detailed instruccions on how to remove the gas pump assembly in a TJ. I already made the bigger tank mod in my TJ **thanks jcooper**. If you remove the gas thank making the mod is a piece of cake. Good luck..

If you can't find the post pm, I have it saved.

Luis L[addsig]

No prob, nahual. I'm glad to see my "big bird, cookie-monster" style helped someone (That's a military

phrase for "instructions good enough for a grunt to defuse a nuke with"). Remember to read all the comments

after my post, someone (with more common-sense than I) mentioned how not to squirt gas all over yourself.

As for the current problem, the fuel pump assembly is a *slightly* mushroom-shaped part which contains

the strainer, fuel pump, fuel sending unit and level guage, and the fuel filter/pressure regulator. Those are

listed from bottom to top. Ask the tech which part of the assembly is "loose."

Originally, the output neck of my fuel pump (not assembly) had cracked (I suspect bad install during a recall

servicing). The output of the fuel pump would leak when the gas sloshed. It was like running pressure through

two pipes joined end to end by touching them together.

I replaced the fuel pump (~1"x2.5" cylinder inside assembly), with a pump I bought at Napa for the jeep. It

wasn't a jerryrig or anything, Napa had the exact part. The instructions with the part, along with the Haynes

were enough. It was helluva cheaper than buying the whole assembly (dealer ~$250, Napa pump <$150)

Let us know how it works out and welcome to jeepz.