Had one just like her - 84 CJ 7

Ichiban Bentrod

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I had a 84 CJ 7 just like her and lost her when I was in the Marines. My dad bought one just like her years ago and I always wanted her. He sold her to me and now I have her back in my life again. I have big plans on a small budget but we'll get her done. Getting her ready for my Elk Hunt this fall and fishing trips now. I have a howell fuel injection kit on the way.


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Nice looking CJ7 - I had an 85 that I loved back in college.

What are you going to do first?
First I am putting a Howell injection kit on this weekend. It will be driven in different elevations and pops said it didn't like that. Then he had a lot to make it a full roll cage. Then from there winch different swing bumper on back for coolers and Geri cans.

Nowe going to rewire the Jeep after doing the fuel injection found that someone did some hinky things to the wiring. I bought a painless performance wire harness and waiting for the sun to come up to start. Got a new stero from Crutchfield and speakers tearing out the carpet in the jeep. Going to paint it with raptor liner thinking orange or keeping it red. Getting a new soft top for her.