jeep Comanche Moab concept - Thread two


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All hail Chrysler , Daimler , Fiat or whatever they call themselves these days . Just remember , the jeep was born inside our borders . Even though i opted to start my own thread on the jeep concepts , by the end of this reading , you"ll find blog more fitting. Seven new concept jeeps will debut to the off road community of which i am thankful for that the jeep is safe for yet another year. In ever changing times in today's financial climate , that is an act of congress to spare the jeep from written off as we are sometimes made to feel . as we are forced to cater to the new generation of " jeepers " whom traverse more parking lots than trails , our concerns are to preserve our way of life by preserving the original meaning of the jeep. Although the jeep was founded for military use , it was quickly recognized by returning G.I.'s , farmers and industry that the jeep will be the new compact and easier navigational friendly vehicle of the future. It wasn't long before the jeep became popular for recreation. Enter the "jeeper" ! The whole story has been posted in the original thread ; " Jeep Comanche Moab Concept " by our administrator. This is only my personal thread , not a carryover or an addition to . All are welcome to post and/or comment. Although the jeep has become instantly popular in all countries since its birth , which is a most welcome compliment , it will always be a sincere form of flattery that all the world over are welcome to enjoy ! despite my writing , and i quote ; " just remember , the jeep was born inside our borders . " , i would never say " not for foreign consumption ". Some of the best jeepers in the world wheel on foreign soil . All are welcome to post on either thread , but if you wish to rant , use mine. Ok , lets begin my thoughts of the 2016 concept jeeps. The jeep Gladiator M715 ; it's alive ! I'm stoked ! Someone heard our cries not to let the jeep drift from its heritage. The Cj5 is back by popular demand ! YES !!!! Just wish it were in manual transmission . hope its an option. but the cj7 door sill ? I like the hop over wheel well . It's sort of a low impact aerobics thing. The Commander ; Really ? They're keeping the yuppie suv ? At least keep it in retro . I'm going to start telling people the Toyota RAV gets better MPG's . NOT ! Chrysler bent over backwards for us , let"s not stab "em in the back. I almost totally dig the new Comanche as i did the original . Still sore at the guy who sold his and forgot me just because the 2.8 had the clap. The top is reminiscent of the original M715 with the closed cab and open cargo bed. Hope Chrysler is flexible on options to mix 'n match . Would be nice to offer that top on the new M715 . De ja vu ! ( did i spell that right ? ) . The forward cab as it lives and breathes ! It was featured in Peterson's four wheel & off road or Fourwheeler as was the M715 and i think other concepts in 2015 . takes me back when a friends father owned an fc 150 or 170 . He kept a close eye on me when i was around. he knew i drove trucks at the wrecking yard i worked in. i told him of the "66 cj5 i lusted for. A HellCat Wrangler ! Cool ! Sure , but the concept cj5 couldn"t have a tremec 6 spd , right ? I don't know about you guys ( and jeepercorns ) but if they release it , the streets will never be safe around here. It'll likely be seen more bleaching on the asphalt than digging trenches off road around my town. Trailstorm : the Jk lives . Still an awesome rig and bound to been improved since the V6 3.7 was not too popular and suspensionneeded improving on , its been said. I still dig the truck but just don't get excited over it as i did when it first hit the streets in 2005. I flipped when i saw the four door ! Just like folks did in 1964 over the 64 1/2 mustang . It was written a truck driver went through the show room window taken by the new mustang . I almost did something similar from my bus. guess i wasn't excited enough ? Well , that's my take on the 2016 jeep concepts . yours are welcome too . I admit , the administrators thread blows this one away , but i had fun ! Thanks for watching !
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