Jeep Wrangler automatic transmission fluid and filter change

So my son's '01 has been running rough, trying to stall at stops and lurching/bucking at low speeds. After reading through this thread we changed the transmission fluid and filter last night. I was THRILLED when we drove it and all the rough running/driving had subsided! Thanks for the write-up!

I'm glad it helped. It's not a difficult process at all.
Think he means the transmission oil. There are additional trans coolers that can be added to automatic trans. This is beyond the primary cooler in the bottom of the radiator.

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As a followup to this thread, I recently purchased an "automatic fluid extractor", and it makes short work of changing the fluid. You won't get to visually inspect the pan for metal, or change the filter, but it does make things very easy.


IMHO, after the first time you change the transmission fluid and filter and you see the filter is clean [cut it open to see], then thereafter, a less involved but more frequent transmission fluid change using a suction extraction process for fluid removal is the way to go. Using a suction extraction process takes maybe 30 minutes total for a fluid replacement.

You'll have fresh fluid in more often that way, and with the time nd mess savings, can afford to do the fluid R&R more often.