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On the trails I’m always too busy driving to get any good video, and since I don’t have the cash to afford something like a gopro, I decided to make a mount that would allow me to securely mount my point and shoot camera, or my camcorder and get all the video I needed. After much thought I settled on a dash camera mount which had several advantages over other setups:
  • Inside the Jeep - your camera won’t get ruined
  • Cheap- $5.50 for a length of aluminum from Home Depot, and $7.88 for a Targus camera tripod from Walmart.
  • Easily removable - This mount is installed or removed via one screw (in a pre-existing screw hole). No drilling your Jeep
  • Adjustable – The ball mount allows you to pivot your camera up, down, left and right.

On to the install
I purchased the smallest, cheapest tripod that I could find at Walmart, and it ended up working perfectly.


Start by disassempling it – simply unscrew the bottom screw. The legs and two discs will separate, but all we need is the screw and the main body of the swivel ball mount


From Home Depot, I purchased a flat, 1/8” thick piece of zinc plated metal, 1 ¼” by 36”


Start by pulling the defrost cover off of your Wrangler. On my 2005 TJ there are no screws holding it down, I just needed to put my fingers through the defrost grill and pull up. You can see the trim removed below


Now to get down to fabricating our mount. Put a 90 degree bend in your metal rod about 2.5” from the end. A bench vice will make this much easier.


Now, about 2” from your first bend, put another 90 degree bend in your bar so that it looks like the letter Z


Now, you’ll want to cut off the long section about 1” after your bend. I went ahead and rounded off the end a bit with my grinder


Now, give your mount a test fit. Just remove one of the existing screws for use in your mount, and mark the spot on your mount to be drilled, and drill out the hole.


Now drill a hole on the other end, and mount the tripod


You’re ready to screw in your mount now.


And the finished product
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Nicely done, Terry. Do you get much vibration or shaking in the videos or stills while moving (beyond expected amounts on bumpy roads)?
Nicely done, Terry. Do you get much vibration or shaking in the videos or stills while moving (beyond expected amounts on bumpy roads)?

No vibrations at all, however when you hit a bump you can tell it on the camera (the whole Jeep moves, including the camera). I haven't had it offroad yet, but if I can get a good sample video I'll upload it.

The video comes out surprisingly well.

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I used a rollbar bracket and added small piece of metal bracket with 2 holes in it to attach my camera mount, which I took off a tripod like you did. The advantage of mine is that it shows the gauges as well as the window view. It also does not block my vision. The disadvantage is that I have to adjust the camera before I get in the seat, and then when I turn it on, it is hard to check that it is filming since I can not see the back of the camera with the screen.

Nevertheless, it is great seeing and hearing videos of driving. (There is a problem with wind noise when the top is down.)
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Great self built mount!
I use a suction mount which can be used on the dashboard, windshield. It also can be used outside anywhere on the car body for more exotic angles such as the tires hitting the pavement / dirt. I mount my helmet camera on it and can get great vids.
My mount is the adrenaline systems car cam mount:

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This DIY is creative, i think you could produce it and sale.
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Thanks for this info! running late but I got mine from Jeeps Are Us, and it's superb, not shakey at all!
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