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Hello fellow members, and welcome to all new members!

The Moderators and Administration, have decided that it would be in the best interest of our community and jeep family to put together a statement clarifying guidelines and decorum for the web site. Our feelings are that it wasn't fair to new members unfamiliar with the culture to be moderated if such guidelines have never been presented.

So we hope that the following will clear up any confusion as to the "Culture" of with a few guidelines:

Flaming- Flaming another member will NEVER be tolerated. A jab or poke at a friend is one thing, but when things get personal or cross the line, then the post will be deleted at the moderators discretion. If you have a criticism of another member pesonally, please keep it private and use the PM function. If you are critical of an opinion, by all means, please state it in the forum (that's what we are here for). But try and keep it above the belt.

Cursing- There is a profanity filter in use by this forum. The occasional "Arse" is okay (in moderation) but when you are overtly changing the letters of a curse word to fool the filter, such things will not be tolerated. A good rule of thumb is to only use words you would hear or see on PRIME TIME television. The intent here is to allow parents on the forum to enjoy with their children without fear of profanity.

Pornography- No Pornography will be tolerated. This is strictly enforced and will be deleted on sight. Again, as to what constitutes pornography, use the PRIME TIME TV method. Keep things PG.

Spamming- Please post topics in the appropriate forums. For Example: do not post a "For sale" in the "General Chat" forum.

Absolutely NO racism.

Copyrighted Materials- Do not post links to downloads and file shares that are copyrighted. ie, Software, Manuals, etc. It's illegal, and can get you and the site in a lot of trouble.

Multiple offenses may result in the termination of your account!

**This is not all inclusive. moderators and system admin may moderate the forums as deemed appropriate, and forum guidelines can be modified at any time to reflect the needs of
__________________________________________________ __

As most of you know, we've always prided ourselves on the fact that we are NOT like other forums and are unique in that we like to keep things classy and family-oriented. Many other 4 wheeling and Jeep forums encourage flaming, cursing, and tolerate pornography.

As a matter of fact, it's this uniqueness which has kept us a strong community with long-lasting relationships that we hold dear. So please understand, that with these rules/guidelines, it is with the intentions of keeping things fun, family-oriented, informative, and within' the spirit of the Jeepz community. We don't want things to be "Stuffy", but let's leave the low-class stuff to those other forums.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Snitty, Bounty_Hunter, Terrymason, Joopin, Sully, Mingez, Dingus, and XJNick.
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