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I'm having issues with my JK Soft Top. I have a 2014 Wrangler Sport 2 dr and have 3 bad zippers. I cant find anyone to replace the zippers so I'm looking for a replacement top. I live in Ohio so I definitely need a tough 4 season top. I've looked at various aftermarket and I'm thinking of getting a new Best Top but they have multiple models/styles. I'd like to be as close to OEM as possible without paying for a Jeep made OEM.

Anyone have any ideas which top is good? Model #s, brands etc..


Best top is the OEM for Jeep

What part of ohio?

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I live in Youngstown. The winter this year was pretty hardcore. The previous 4 years were fairly mild but this winter was brutal. A lot of snow/ice which meant a lot of road salt that froze my zippers. I tried oil, wax, WD40, rust inhibitors, vinegar, pliers, tweezers, files etc, etc....we sent men to the moon 53 years ago and the Jeep singlehandedly landed men onto the beaches of Normandy but they still cant make zippers that function in bad weather.
Im near Dayton. Pass through Youngstown area when traveling home. NEPA.
We stop at Hubbard for gas and pit stop.

Personally I try not to use the zippers in the cold. Last time i did i cracked the back window.
Big thing is keeping them clean. Hotel barof soap softened and spread on the zipper keeps the dirt out and is easily rinsed away.

Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up - Jesse Jackson
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I went with a Rampage frameless soft top.....Around 450, Easy Peasy install after you let the zip in panels bask in the sun for an hour or so. All panels side and back are removable to leave the bikini top in place for doors off fun and aluminium door "Slats" That let you get good seals on your 1/2 door canvases. Going into my second winter with set up and am completely satisfied.