Lube your zippers!


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This stuff is awesome. Previously I had the hardest time getting my Jeep window zippers to go up and down, especially when they were cold. I would hold the fabric together, and sometimes use pliers.

I found this in Walmart of all places - I think it's mainly for the boat crowd, but it works great on Jeep zippers as well. It goes on as a clear lube, not unlike petroleum jelly, and it makes a huge difference in how the zipper moves. It's like I have new windows again.

Pick some up if you have a soft top.


I found two tricks or tips that work.
First make sure zippers are clean by scrubbing with soap , water and a toothbrush.
Then once dry either scrub in a bar of soap from both sides. You may have to repeat after raining but it keeps the dirt out of the teeth.
Second is candle wax. Same concept but doesn?t work in high heat or direct sunlight.

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The zippers on my top can be stubborn at times. I always figured it was partly from limited use and my 1/4 mile+ unpaved mountain driveway. What I do occasionally is take some household cleaner and spray the zipper working it up and down.

Terry, I might try that if I can find it at our local walmart ..... and don't forget while I'm there.

We used to put soal on our boat zippers. It worked great
You can also use snow seal by atsko. It?s in the camping section and could also be in the shoe section of your favorite store. Chap stick or beeswax also works great.

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