Question to all you Jeep Experts?

185 miles at highway speeds non stop, A/C on, pushed to 90 MPH for a short duration, flawless!!

Thanks again!

Well glad you got it fixed.

Wouldn’t forget about the thrust bearing wear. It doesn’t fix itself.

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Oh no!
It's on my mind completely.
I will spend the next couple of months searching for a 4.0 and a 42RLE transmission in a local junk yard then spend a few months rebuilding both. I have already begun to accumulate the parts to overhaul both. Then do a swap!
Update! Hope everyone has had a nice Christmas and has recovered from New Years!
After almost 2000 miles since the engine work, no leaks, only re-torque required was the connection between the header and the rear mini cat.
Engine is running smooth and quiet!
There is still the persistent knocking sound that is only heard from inside the vehicle. It is NOT engine knock. I've monitored the front of the crank to see if the cycle of the knock was the crank moving fore and aft. It is not! I suspect it's a transmission noise. But for now the transmission seams happy! All shifting is normal. Maybe a sticking valve in the shifter pack?