Rocky Road Outfitters Steel Roof Rails - Experiences?


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Does anybody have the Rocky Road Outfitters Steel Roof Rails mounted on a 2018+ Compass?

Can you share your mounting manual? (PDF) I'ld like to read how the replacement of the original rails is done (The Website says, one needs a wrench for this procedure).

Are the Rocky Road Steel Roof Rails COMPATIBLE WITH the ORIGINAL ones? i.e. after having done the replacement, can I still mount crossbars from Thule?

I already have Thule ProBar EVO130 Crossbars.
Can I still use them with the Rocky Road Steel Rails or will I need to order the Rocky Road Crossbars as well?

How was your overall buying experience with Rocky Road Outfitters?

They have 100% positive feedback on eBay but on their Facebook page, there are about 6 complains from customers telling that they payed for something they ordered from there but they never received it.

This rack should support a light roof top tent. According to their website, Rocky Road Outfitters is a dealer for Tepui tents, and claims that Tepui uses their roof racks on their test vehicles.