sea foam

Ha! I'm not crazy :)

crazy? I think people were doing this LONG before there was any such thing as SEA FOAM.. diesel has always been a terrific cleaner, and especially used to clean sludge.. have you ever thrown your pcv valve in a bottle/can of diesel? comes out like new!.. lubricated, cleaned, and ready for use... don't let anyone tell you any different!

Transmission fluid in the oil for a hour of run time. Cleans your engine completely.. then new oil and filter.. works great

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Seafoam is a good fuel treatment one can in a tank full of gas 2x a year.

As for th oil treatment - I am old school suggest you try "RISOLNE" oil treatment works and can be left in - this is great for any VCT engines.

I have used seafoam in the intake, into the oil, and the gas. I have also used atf in the oil and intake. I have also used water down the intake. the atf in the oil cleans the crap out of the interior of the engine but you have to only do it for about 30 minutes and then change the oil, run it for another 30 and change it again.
I use sea foam in my 94 YJ. Wait until 1/4 tank and use 1/3 of can. As for adding to the oil 1/3 can in oil and ran for 100 miles (2 day trip for me) would not run with it any longer than 2 days. Changed oil & filter right after. Good stuff
Be weary. You know what I put in my engine? Oil. Nothing more. Nothing less. Last time I used seafoam my engine spewed a head gasket. Then I gave it a second chance and tried again and used it in the vacuum lines and injectors. Clogged them to hell. This is my experience. Others may swear by it. I drop my pan and remove my cover and check my valve train periodically about 1 time every 2 years as a check up. No harm since the gaskets are reusable. My eyes will tell me better if I have a clog and then clean or replace parts as necessary. Don't have to pull the motor for it either. That's me being meticulous I suppose. But it's what I do.