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ohhh, this is why i missed it in the other post, ha ha ha. nice looking truck

i saw a cop rear end a gladiator. the cop was in an explorer and there was a chase of three guys who just shot up a store on the side of hte highway with about 30 cop cars after the guys. the cop was looking at his computer instead of the road. i told my wife that cop is going to hit that jeep truck, and he sure did. didn't even touch the brakes and we were all doing about 45 or 50 because of hte traffic build up from the chase. that explorer was annihilated, and the gladiator looked like it didn't even get touched. i was really impressed with the jeep versus explorer with police push bumper on the front.

the explorer looked like it hit a concrete overpass pillar. it was totally destroyed.
Is that your windshield???

If so you might check if it is legal for your state.
I know you cannot put plexiglass or bulletproof without consent waiver. Has to do with rescue not being able to remove it quick enough.

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