Swapping a 94 YJ for a 2018 JKU. Time for the mods!!

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:cry: Goodbye Rudy! Ill find you a new home soon..

Rudy on the Rocks!.jpg

2018 at home.jpg

:shades: Hello... Ummm.. well.. I haven't figure out if its a Boy or Girl yet!! Ill let you all know...
Looked under the hood... still not sure..
2018 saftey check.jpg

Time for mods!!
Ordered Rubicon Express 3.5" coil lift with exhaust spacers
Moto Metal 18x10 / Federal Xplora 35s
MO969.jpgFederal Xplora.jpg
and I couldn't help but order some Ballistic Seat Covers!

The best thing about another Jeep is I get to start all over again!!

Any thoughts on following...

Quadratec Automatic Billet Aluminum Mirror Mover Pair for 11-18 Jeep Wrangler JK with Power Heated Mirrors | Quadratec

LoD Destroyer Shorty Rear Bumper for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK | Quadratec

Thanks for reading.


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The first scratch on that new one is going to hurt!

Have fun with your new red head!
Right!? When I did the first build, Rudy, he was beat up, except for his red hood. It was PERFECT! odd right? Well, my friend dropped the hood upside down in the front yard... scratches, dents.... that was painful

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Look forward to seeing your Jeep come along. It’s going to look Great.

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You have to appreciate this site, Talk Jeeps so many discussions over issues to make yours Great.

Me too. This is more fun the second time around! Got my new shift knob!!
New shift knob.jpg
The wheels I ordered are discontinued!! Unbelievable... I found these instead. I think I like them better!! Ha!
Tuf T01 Red.jpg
Guy down the road has the MOTO wheels for about a year. They are nice. Costly. Being discontinued! must be recent.

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Got seat covers. Had to. So much White Labrador hair!! Ordered Rugged Ridge Ballistic set for all seats in black. They fit well. I'm happy. They don't slide a round. Stitched well and made strong. Top and Bottom are separate pieces. For the front I got two passenger side tops! and no front seat bottoms!! UHG!! Working out the details now. We will see.
Rear seat covers.jpgFront seat covers.jpg
I also ordered a "Fur Zoff"!! We will see how well that works!

Fur-Zoff - Environmentally-Friendly Pet Hair Removal Product
Looks nice.

Are the rear control arms lengthened properly?. The rear appears to be further forwards than id expect.
Maybe the anglf or lighting.

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Good Catch!!
Yeah, I struggled with knocking out the Tabs on the Front & Rear Control Arms. I figured I'd have a Pro Shop make the final adjustments. I want a good ride with no problems. I was pondering on making the adjustments myself but have know idea what angles to shoot for!
You bought this lift correct ?

Rubicon Express 3.5" Progressive Coil Lift Kit with Twin Tube Shocks - RE7142PT

I forgot where we left off discussing long arm/short arm.

So what do you mean by knocking out the tabs?

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Yes. That is the Kit I bought/installed. On the lower? rear control arm and front control arm when you remove the bolts at the axle the bolt holes have small "knock out tabs" on both sides. The instructions said to knock these out so that the control arms can be adjusted by sliding them foreword or backward. Hard to see but in this pic there is small tabs to the left and right that when knocked out make elongated holes. I could not knock these things out & I figured since to be safe I was gonna take the jeep in to have the angles checked anyways.... I would let a Pro do the knock outs. I'm pretty handy.... should I do this myself? Check the angles? Your thoughts?
Never heard of knocking those out.
You want the suspension parts to have no play.

Well i guess the new JKs allow for it with cam bolts. Starts at 11 min.

Id still rather invest in longer arms or adjustable ones.

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Turned out well. Slight rubbing in front from fenders when turning above 80%. Tech checked axels and various alignment and angles and said if I'm not rock climbing.... I'm all good. Smooth ride up to 80... so far. Good braking, no pulling or odd vibrations! 20200530_090308.jpeg20200530_115011.jpeg

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Looks good.

You happy with it?

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